January 4th Meeting 2023

Here are a few of the topics from todays discussion:

  • [0:50] We start off today‚Äôs meeting talking about how to set goals for 2023. 
  • Click Here to download the Goal Setting PDF Guide Sheet.
  • [12:20] Melanie asks how long do you need to create art before you can start selling it. 
  • [15:40] Kaylynn asks for advice on inventory tracking, and for help on pricing.
  • [28:00] Valerie shares her goals for exploring her art style, and asks how to get out of slump. 
  • [43:30] Karen asks how to separate your business side of social media from your personal side of social media.
  • [55:30] Karen also ask what software are artists using to keep track of their expenses.
  • [57:20] Suzanne asks for feedback on her artist statement for an upcoming juried show. 
  • [1:08:20] We help Suzanne to come up with a name for her collection.
  • [1:10:38] We share with Suzanne our favorite sites for hosting websites. 
  • [1:29:30] We take a look at Sterlings plan of action for 2023 and offer some advice. Sterling also asks for help on naming his recent collection. 
  • [1:38:40] Mary Jo asks for feedback on possible business names and a tagline.
  • [1:45:15] Al shares his SMART plan for this year, and explains what this acronym means. 
  • [1:53:20] Jen asks what people are using to create prints. 

Click below to download the Q&A Meeting's chat:

Chat for Jan 4th 2023.pdf