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Below you will find FOUR different options for learning how to draw, paint with watercolors, and even how to sell your art.

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1st Option:

You Can Enroll in a Course

All Foundational and Mini Courses are available to buy separately. 

When purchasing an individual course you get lifetime access to it. This means you can go through the course you purchase anytime you want, and can refer back to it whenever you want, for the rest of your life!

2nd Option:

You Can Subscribe to my Drawing & Watercolor Bundle

The Drawing & Watercolor Bundle is a monthly or yearly subscription that gives you access to ALL courses and tutorials located in the Drawing, and Watercolor sections of the Academy. You also get access to the new Design Challenge and Drawing Challenge each month!

Fundamentals of Drawing Course
Learn how to draw realistically!
Learn how to paint with watercolors!

All courses, tutorials, and challenges are self-pace in the Drawing & Watercolor Bundle, which means you get to practice and learn when you want to.

3rd Option:

You Can Subscribe to the Seller's Studio

The Seller's Studio is the section in the Academy where artists can connect with one another to learn what's working for selling art in today's market.

This memberships gives you access to EVERYTHING on my Marketing Page (including How to to Market and Sell Your Art Course), live Zoom meetings, meeting replays, community forum, and private message area to connect and ask questions to me whenever you need help.

Fundamentals of Drawing Course
Get Access to EVERYTHING on my Marketing Page!

Get Access to Unlimited Help!

4th Option:

You Can Join the Academy

and Get Access to EVERYTHING!

The Art Academy is a monthly or yearly membership that gives you access to ALL my courses (drawing, painting, and marketing), all tutorials, all Zoom meetings, live workshops, monthly challenges, video critiques, unlimited help from me, an active artist community, and so much more!

Fundamentals of Drawing Course

The Academy is for artists of all skill levels who want to develop their abilities to create original art in their own style, and also looking to connect with other artists to talk about art, ask questions, offer feedback, and ultimately learn from one another.

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Learn How to Paint a Chickadee

Learn How to Paint a Chickadee

Learn how to paint realistic layers with watercolors!

Learn How to Sell Art at Shows

Learn how to get into art shows and how to maximize your sales!