How to Sell Art at Shows Workshop

Learn where to find shows, how to apply to shows, and how to sell MORE art at shows!

Do you know where to find art shows? Learn where to find the best shows and how to apply to the ones best suited for you.

Do you know how to maximize your sales? Learn what to practice in order to sell more art at shows!

Do you know how to grow an audience that will buy from you year after year? There's a strategy for growing your audience at shows, and I teach it in this workshop!


Selling your art is a learned skill that takes practice.

In this free workshop you will learn exactly what to practice in order to improve your skills and sell more art!

What You'll Learn:

Where to Find the Best Shows

Finding shows can be frustrating when you don't know where to look. In this workshop I share with you my four favorite resources for finding both indoor and outdoor art shows.

How to Apply to Shows

Most art shows require you to be juried in, which means you need to fill out an application. I share with you what an application looks like, and how I submit my own art to a show.

Best Practices for Selling at Shows

You only have 7 seconds to impress shoppers walking by your booth! It's important to know how to hang your art to catch your customer's attention, and what to say to them once you do. In this workshop I share 12 actionable steps you can immediately implement to increase the sales at your next show!

My Strategy for Quickly Growing an Audience that Will Buy from You Year After Year

You need to be smart when choosing shows to participate in. Doing more shows doesn't necessarily mean more money. In this workshop I share with you my exact strategy for picking shows that allowed me to do less of them, while also increasing my sales to $5,000 per show!

Who This Course Is For

  • New artists who want to learn about selling at shows, festivals, and fairs.
  • Experienced artists who want to sell more art at shows.
  • Anyone interested in learning how to sell their art in person.

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Content Curriculum

Available in days
days after you enroll
Available in days
days after you enroll

How This Workshop Works

  • 🎥 This workshop is a replay of a past live event. It's been broken down into smaller sections to make it easy to go through.
  • 🎯 After enrolling you will be redirected to the workshop curriculum.
  • 🖥 You get full access immediately and can rewatch each section as many times as you want - forever!
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Your Instructor

Tracy Lizotte
Tracy Lizotte

Hi, I'm Tracy!

I'm a watercolor artist from Southern Maine, United States.

I have a passion for painting with watercolors, and teaching others the traditional fine art techniques that have been passed down to me.

I'm here to help you develop your own unique style, while learning how to draw, paint, and sell your art!

Want to learn more about me, and my journey to becoming a professional artist? Check out my About Page.

Frequently Asked Questions

When does the workshop start and finish?
The workshop starts as soon as you enroll and it's self-paced.
How long do I have access to the Workshop?
You get lifetime access to this workshop! Yay!

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