🤔 Do you want to sell your art, but don’t know where to start?

💰Or have you been selling your art for a while now, and want to improve your methods for selling?

🖥️ Are you tired of watching endless YouTube videos trying teach yourself how to sell art?

👣 Do you wish you had an easy to follow system to quickly learn the essentials you need to implement in your own business to successfully sell your art?

🧑‍🎨 Are you looking for an instructor who you can talk to, and share your questions with for personalized feedback whenever you need help?

👥 Do you wish you were part of a community of artists with similar business goals you could talk with on a routine basis to find out what's currently working for selling art in today's market?

If you answered yes to the questions above, then you know how frustrating and confusing it is to try to build a business selling your art by yourself.

Which is why I created the Seller's Studio!

Hi I’m Tracy!

I’ve been selling my art for over 30 years, and have learned the recipe for success is learning from those who have gone before me, and connecting with other professional artists to discover what's currently working for selling art in today's market.

I now offer unlimited personalized help, and ongoing live group meetings with a community of like minded artists in the Seller's Studio!

This membership is for ALL artists specializing in any medium, who are looking to connect, learn, and grow their art business.

Not sure where to begin?

Start here:

Learn How to Market and Sell Your Art

If you're new to selling art this is where you want to begin!

This course is for fine artists that want to learn how to sell their own artwork. All artists are welcome to join the Seller's Studio to learn the proper framework for successfully selling art both online and off! In this course you will learn:

  • How to Build a Cohesive Body of Work
  • Sell Your Art Seven Different Ways
  • How to Market and Grow Your Customer List
  • Business Basics

This course goes hand in hand with the marketing & selling Zoom meetings I host in the Academy, which are dedicated to helping members grow their own successful art business.

Click to learn more about this course, view the curriculum, and watch the first module:
Watch this video to see what you’ll learn in the foundational marketing course:

After this course you'll be ready to build your own business selling art.


What if you have questions?

What if you need help?


You can talk to me live every month in our Zoom Marketing Q&A Meeting to get answers to all your questions.

If you can't make the meeting that's ok. You can submit questions beforehand, and watch the replay afterwards.

The BEST part of the Seller's Studio are the live Zoom meetings, and replays!

Building a business selling art is a never ending process. There's a constant need to:

Grow your customer list

Fine-tune your branding

Build a website

Improve your messaging

Update your sales funnels

Adjust your prices

Test new marketing strategies

Create new collections

Prepare for shows

It's easy to get stuck on any one of these tasks above! The best way to overcome it is to get help from other artists who have also experienced similar challenges.

These meetings are essential to finding out what's working, and what isn't when it comes to selling art in today's market.

The Zoom meetings are great for receiving feedback from both me, and the other members, but what if you want to talk to me privately?


You can private message me in the Community Forum.

In the Seller's Studio you get your own profile, and gallery space where you can share your art for feedback, ask questions, and meet other artists. This is also where you can send private messages to me to get help whenever you need it.

Here are a few topics I commonly help with:

Help with building a cohesive collection

Help with printing

Choosing mats & frames

Help with setting up a website

Website critiques

Email newsletter critiques

Help with pricing art

Help with dealing with a customer

Help with applying for shows

Help with setting up a sale

You are never alone in the Seller's Studio!

I’m there every step of the way to answer your questions, and help you build a successful business selling your art.

You also Get Access to All Marketing Tutorials

New tutorials are added to the marketing section of the Academy all the time, and you get access to these tutorials in the Seller's Studio!

How to Merge Two Scans Together
What to Practice to Prepare Yourself for Selling Art
How to Resize and Change Your Images to a JPG on Mobile

It takes years to build a successful business selling art.

Which is why I offer ongoing support at an affordable price.

So help will be there when YOU need it most!

It takes 3-5 years to build a profitable repeatable system selling art.

You can't learn everything you need to know for building a business, and implementing it in an expensive 12 week course. These's also no need to spend a fortune on an expensive one year artist incubator, or mastermind.

Building a business selling art will be different for everyone!

This is why I offer ongoing support, and a place to connect with other like minded artists in this membership.

In the Seller's Studio YOU get to carve out your own business path, and decide what direction is best for you to grow your business without sacrificing the support needed to build a business designed to meet YOUR own needs.

Watch this video to see what the Seller's Studio can do for you:

Here's a Recap of What You Get When You Subscribe:

💰 A step-by-step foundational learning path for setting up and customizing a repeatable system to successfully sell your art!

🔓 Unlimited access to ALL marketing courses, and marketing tutorials.

🎨 Immediate access to all NEW marketing courses, and marketing tutorials.

🤔 One Zoom meeting a month where you can talk to me live to get answers on all your marketing, and selling questions.

🎥 Access to ALL marketing replays.

🧑‍🎨 An active community of like minded artists who you can share your struggles, and successes with.

🖼️ Your own profile and gallery in the community forum for you to share your work, track your progress, and ask questions.

🙋 Unlimited private access to contact me, to ask questions, and share your art business for personalized feedback.

Join the Seller's Studio today, and get unlimited access to marketing resources, and ongoing support to help you sell your art!

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