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How to Market and Sell Your Art Foundational Course

Learn how to build collections, define your message, and create a successful framework for selling your art!

Find a variety of course topics designed to help you market your art, and growing your customer list here.

My Weekly Routine During Show Season

Here's what my day to day life looks like when I'm in show season.

How to Sell Art at Shows

Learn how to get into to art shows, and how to maximize your sales!

How to Sell Your Art Online

Learn how to sell your art online!

How to Mat Your Art

Learn How to Professionally Mat Your Watercolors

These are short demonstrations and helpful PDF guides to help you market and sell your art.
How to Sign a Print

How to Sign a Print

What to Include in an Artist Statement

Show Schedule Postcard

How to Make a Show Schedule Postcard

How to Create Original Designs

How to Create Realistic Original Designs

How I hang my paintings at art shows

How to Hang Art at Shows

How to Fix Imperfections in a Painting with Photoshop

How to set goals for your art

PDF Guide for Setting Goals

What to Practice to Prepare Yourself for Selling Art

Here's How to Organize All Your Shows in One Place

Learn how to Merge Two Scans Together

How to Resize and Change Your Images to a JPG on Mobile

Understanding File Types

What to do when you don't like your art

What to Do When You DON'T Like Your Art