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March 6th Meeting

Topic: Information base content vs decision base content - Which is better for selling art?

February 7th Meeting

Topic: Changes Coming to Email in 2024

January 3rd Meeting

Topic: How to respond to an inquiry about your art that immediately inspires a sale.

December 6th Meeting

Topic: Establishing your priorities

November 8th Meeting

Topic: Holiday Sales

October 5th Meeting

Topic: Do you know your sales mechanism?

September 6th Meeting

Topic: What is A.I. and can it help you?

August 2nd Meeting

Topic: When to raise your prices.

July 4th Meeting

Topic: What emails to send when running an online sale.

June 7th Meeting

Topic: Which comes first, building an audience for your art or setting up a business?

May 3rd Meeting

Topic: Mother's Day Sales

April 5th Meeting

Topic: Choosing a Host for your Website

March 15th Meeting

Topic: How to Host an Online Art Show

February 1st Meeting

Topic: Sharing our studio space setups

January 12th Meeting

Topic: How to sell at shows in 2023

January 4th Meeting

Topic: Goal setting in 2023

December 7th Meeting

Topic: How to create an engaging social media post

November 2nd Meeting

Topic: 5 ways to sell on Instagram

October 19th Meeting

Topic: The best time for selling originals online.

October 5th Meeting

Topic: Tips for learning new online tools.

September 21st Meeting

Topic: What to do when someone doesn't like your art.

September 7th Meeting

Topic: How to deal with distractions

August 24th Meeting

Topic: What you need to know to sell at art shows in 2022

August 3rd Meeting

Topic: Which do you do first, build an audience for your art, or a system for selling?

July 13th Meeting

Topic: What to say in your emails when you have a sale

June 22nd Meeting

Topic: What is a Price Anchor?

June 8th Meeting

Topic: The one thing you must do to sell your art

May 25th Meeting

Topic: We do website reviews for Academy Members!

May 11th Meeting

Topic: Three things you should say to your customers and one thing you shouldn't

April 27th Meeting

Topic: Three things I wish I had started earlier in my business

April 13th Meeting

Topic: How to create an eye catching subject line

March 30th Meeting

Topic: Tips for displaying your artwork

March 16th Meeting

Topic: What equipment you need to make videos

February 22nd Meeting

Topic: How to batch your work and time

February 9th Meeting

Topic: How to know when to say "no" in your business

January 26th Meeting

Topic: How to guarantee a sale when a customer inquires about a piece of art

January 12th Meeting

Topic: How to apply to art shows

December 29th Meeting

December 8th Marketing and Selling Meeting
December 8th Meeting

November 17th Meeting

November 3rd Meeting

October 20th Meeting

October 6th Meeting

September 22nd Meeting

September 1st Meeting

August 18th Meeting

August 4th Meeting

July 14th Meeting

June 30th Meeting

June 9th Meeting

May 19th Meeting

May 5th Meeting

April 21st Meeting

April 7th Meeting

March 24th Meeting

March 10th Meeting

February 17th Meeting

February 3rd Meeting

January 20th Meeting

January 6th Meeting

December 16th Meeting

December 2nd Meeting

November 11th Meeting

October 28th Meeting

October 14th Meeting

September 30th Meeting Part 1

September 30th Meeting Part 2
September 30th Meeting Part 2

September 16th Meeting
August 26th Meeting Part 1

August 26th Meeting Part 2

August 12th Meeting Part 1

August 12th Meeting Part 2

July 29th Meeting Part 1
July 29th Meeting Part 2

July 15th Meeting Part 1

July 15th Meeting Part 2

July 1st Meeting

June 17th Meeting Part 1
June 17th Meeting Part 2

June 3rd Meeting