Here’s where you start!

Watercolor Painting for Beginners Course

Learn the tools, techniques, and strategy to create realistic watercolor paintings. This is your entire watercolor education in one course!

These are shorter courses you can complete in an afternoon. They are perfect for beginners because you don’t have to go through Watercolor Painting for Beginners (above) first to be successful. 

How to Paint a Chickadee

This is an introductory course to watercolor painting.

How to Paint & Sell an Egg

Have fun painting speckled eggs, and then learn my price formula for selling paintings and prints.

How to Paint a Rose with Watercolors

How to Paint a Rose

Learn 2 ways to draw a rose, and 3 different ways to control the water when using the wet-on-wet technique!

How to Paint Wildflowers

Paint a butterfly in the BONUS section of this course!

How to Paint a Pair of Cardinals Watercolor Course

How to Paint a Pair of Cardinals

Learn how draw and paint your own design with cardinals!

How to Paint a Tabby Cat in Watercolors

How to Paint a Tabby Cat

Learn how to paint black fur, and the expressive face of a Tabby cat with watercolors!

These courses are a continuation of Watercolor Painting for Beginners course. This is where you get to practice advance painting strategies, and develop your own unique style. To be successful, I recommended going through the foundational course (above) first.

How to Paint a Nest

Create details with lots of layers of masking fluid.

How to Paint a Peony

Learn to define shapes with a monotone palette.

Paint a Chipmunk on a Sunflower

Use my layering technique with masking fluid to create a sunflower.

How to Paint a Tree in a Field

Practice color mixing and learn how to minimize your brushstrokes to paint loose in this landscape painting.

How to Paint Bunnies!

Learn how to compose your own painting of two bunnies in a field snacking on flowers.

Paint Two Chickadees in a Forest

Refine your techniques to edit details in the middle ground, and background to compliment the focal points in the foreground.

How to Paint a Swan

Learn how to paint white feathers on a dark blue background, and ripples in water!

Raccoon Painting

Here's another opportunity to work with a limited painting palette.

Flowers and Flight Watercolor

Create the illusion of flowers bursting from the paper using only three colors!

How to Paint a Barn Owl

Learn to paint shadows to make a white owl pop forward from a white background.

Find short demonstrations to answer common watercolor questions here:
How to Create Realistic Original Designs

How to Create Realistic Original Designs

How to Fix Fingerprint Marks

How to Cut a Sheet of Watercolor Paper

A Lesson in Reading the Wetness of the Paper

Painting the Negative Space

How Critiquing Art Makes You a Better Artist

How to Blend Paint to Make Shadows

How to Even Out a Wash

Lifting & Scratching Out Black Paint

Lifting Out Paint to Get Back to White

How to Know When to Start Over

Fixing Masking Fluid Lines

What to Do When You Can’t Fix a Mistake

Helpful Reminders to Download

What to Do When You DON'T Like Your Art

Looking for MORE Fun Projects to Paint?
Check out the Live Painting Workshop section of the Academy to view this month's workshop, and to watch all past replays:

The Live Workshops go hand in hand with the courses above.

In these workshops you get to paint along with me, ask questions, and share your art for feedback. This is your chance to practice what you learn from the courses above!