How The Challenge Works

Watch this video for the guidelines to participate in the monthly drawing challenge:

To Begin:

You have the entire month to complete 12 squares. Then, on the last day of the month the squares gets changed out to a new challenge for the next month.

You want to do your best to get the entire challenge done before the end of the month because there’s no way to access the squares to past challenges.

You Have Two Options for Drawing the 12 Squares:

1st Option:  Cut out your own 6″x6″ squares to draw on, and refer to the reference images from your iPad, laptop, or computer.

2nd Option:  Print out the PDF worksheets with the reference squares already on them, and draw the image out in the space provide.


Helpful Tips:

To get the most out of this challenge do each square individually one day at a time. It’s also important NOT to compare how they fit together until the very end.

Remember, you can do this!

Now onward to the 1st square…